Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine
Founded in 1968 by Robert S. Heidt, Sr., MD and Dale E. Fox, MD, Wellington Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine has become one of the regions largest and most highly respected centers for musculoskeletal treatment, research, and education. The 29 physicians currently in the practice include experts in general and subspecialty areas of Orthopaedic Surgery, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Podiatry, and Sports Medicine. The physicians work closely with physical therapists, hand therapists, and other clinical specialists in areas such as bracing and orthotics.
Montgomery Inn
It all began on November 1, 1951, when Matula and Ted Gregory moved into and renamed the former McCabe's Inn as the Montgomery Inn. Matula and Ted Gregory were expecting their first child and struggling to make their way. Little did anyone know Montgomery Inn would also become their "baby." Everyone who came to work at the bar for the next few years became a part of the family. In the early 50's, Montgomery, Ohio, was a “one-horse" town. But it was growing quickly, and soon wagon loads of folks looking for a safe and friendly place to live began settling there. Ted and Matula agreed it would be a great place to raise their family, which ultimately numbered four children: Tom, Dean, Vickie and Terry. In coming years, Matula blossomed into an excellent cook. With four kids at home and a husband working every night to build the business, Matula fixed dinner for the family then packed up the rest and took it to the restaurant for Ted to enjoy when he had a chance. Ted usually had a crony or two who would delight in having a bite at the bar with him. The rest is history.....